The Internationaly awarded D12

Awarded “most beautiful car in the world “ (Automobile Awards 2020/2021)

The heir

Delage 15 S 8 – 1927

Grand prix Champion of the World

Delage D12 – 2024

Candidate to become the fastest road-legal car in the world (on track)

Delage D12

A clean yet aggressive and futuristic design, inspired by Formula 1 and fighter-jets, wide and ultra-low.

1,000 hp in total

Hybrid (thermic et electric).


A 6.6l home-made V12, producing massive power and addictive sound.


An electric engine of 150 hp, directly «plugged» to the gearbox, to leave the v12 not hybridized.

Contractive suspensions

World exclusivity : First road-legal car equipped with the contractive suspensions that revolutionized F1.

Brake-cooling carbon fiber wheels

World premiere : The first carbon fiber wheels that include a brake-cooling effect.

The architecture of a Formula 1 car

The same architecture and technical choices as a Formula 1 car (monocoque and frontal crashbox in carbon fiber).

The closest feeling ever to driving a Formula 1 car on the road

Set up of the car conducted by F1 world champion jacques villeneuve

G Force

Almost twice more downforce than the best supercars, more G force than you ever experienced in a road-legal car.

360 Km/H

A power to weight ratio close to 1, accelerations in the world tops.


The car is conceived to establish the new lap record on the Nürburgring in the road legal category (attempt in 2024).


A two-seater but in a unique configuration. Fighter-jets type, to ensure a central position to the driver and a perfectly centered weight balance.


A cockpit opening also as fighter-jets, without any door.

3 cars in 1

The car can be easily converted into


«F1 type».
(conversion systems in option)

The “Delage Driving Experience” (optional)

“Try to exit this corner sooner and shift into 8th gear” says Jacques Villeneuve to you (be coached by Jacques Villeneuve on how the D12 can be driven).

4 Driving settings

• City (100% electric)
• Road (hybrid)
• Track (hybrid with maximum down force)
• Mix (many possible configurations)


Extreme performance does not sacrifice luxury and a full personalization.

The driving position is customized to its 4 elements of contact.

The seat
(molded on the driver’s body)

The steering wheel
(molded on the driver’s hands)

The leg support

The pedals
(taylor made position, spread and inclination)

Material and Colors

Countless options for interior and exterior customization.

Audio System

Audio system from Focal, the best in the world. Optional : co-branded home sound system “Ultima Focal-Delage”, with identical colors and materials to your D12.


There will be only 30 lucky D12 owners in the world.

2 versions available :

“GT“ (for predominant road use)
“Club” (for predominant track use)

Price of car n.1/30 : on auction
Price of cars n.2/30 to n.30/30 : € 2m (without options, without taxes)

Technical specifications

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