Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve


Jacques was born in 1971 in Canada.

Motoracing runs in his blood, as his father, Gilles Villeneuve, was one of the most spectacular Driver the F1 has ever seen.
Jacques inherited his father’s spectacular driving, as all F1 fans remember when he was fighting Michael Shumacher on the track for the F1 World title, which he won in 1997, in his second year only in Formula 1. 
But Jacques had already shocked the world during his first year, when he won the Pole Position on his very first F1 race (a feat only 2 drivers achieved before him in the F1 history).

Beyond Formula 1, Jacques has participated to many races in many types of cars, always with great results, like several podiums in Nascar and a 2nd place in Le Mans.
Moreover, Jacques  was particularly successful on U.S. tracks, winning the Indycar title in 1995 and the 500 miles of Indianapolis on the same year.

Jacques is the ONLY driver who managed to win these 3 major titles together within the last 30 years.