The traditional toys partner of Delage

Traditional high-end toys made in France

Always keen to ensure the highest quality in its creations, Minikane has imagined 2 high-end Collections for Delage, a unique collaboration placed under the sign of French know-how, revisiting the two flagship periods of the brand: That of the beginnings, with Louis Delage and that of the rebirth with Laurent Tapie.

Thus, she created the RÉTRO Collection, which traces the birth of the Delage brand, and “the belle époque”. Among the key pieces: pilot suits and jackets, soft helmets and racing glasses. Next come the ideas of wicker cars, the garage, then the Vintage gas pump for children and dolls, without forgetting the iconic Minikane strollers.

Then comes the RACING Collection. more contemporary, which tells the story of the circuits, and evokes the Dl2. A collection that fits with Delage’s 2023 news, and the brand’s presence at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 73 years after its last participation. What emerges is a collection of very graphic modern clothing and accessories, in checkered patterns, T-shirts with screen-printed messages (GO! Start! Speed).

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