Axel Ruhomaully

Axel Ruhomaully is a multifaceted Belgian-Mauritian artist based in Mauritius. He began his career as an explorer in 1996 as cabin crew on long-haul flights for an airline, and after attending a photo school in Paris from which he graduated in 2000, he swapped his uniform for a camera , his new passport to satisfy his thirst for discovery. Over time, his art photographs take us on journeys that remind us of great moments in History thanks to unique photos taken in exceptional places.

The artist sculpts these legendary objects with his ‘Light Stencils’, his signature light, ‘chiaroscuro’ technique dear to Rembrandt, with the aim of awakening the colors and revealing the material, like his recent images taken at the Le Bourget Air and Space Museum (France), the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum (Italy) or the ‘Vostok 5’ space capsule (photographed in the ‘Tsiolkovsky’ Cosmos Museum in Russia) at aboard which cosmonaut Valery Bykovsky traveled into space in 1963. So many images which, printed on Canson Infinity art paper for which the artist is World Ambassador, invite us to a real journey into space and into the weather.

All his images are all the more special as the artist obtains, for each photo, exceptional authorizations which allow him to access these treasures often kept in the reserves of these legendary institutions or in private collections.


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